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Lighthouse Sports – the Stylish Startup TakingPickleball by Storm
What Lighthouse Sports does
Lighthouse Sports is a resource for well-designed, functional pickleball bags and accessories for the recreational player. They partner with experts in adjacent categories to off er co-branded accessories that are best-in-class products, like sunglasses with Revo eyewear, hats with Vimhue, jewelry, socks and other gifts.
The Lighthouse Sports Landscape
Professional pickleball teams are just being formed and recreational court centers with refreshments and social centers are popping up everywhere. The paddle marketplace is extremely crowded. The sneaker marketplace is catching up fast. Balls and t-shirts too. But the selection of pickleball bags is disappointing. In terms of quality of materials, functionality and usability - there is very little competition.
Company Birth Story
Lighthouse Sports came from the idea that there should be bags featuring superior functionality and craft ed from the highest quality materials. They are designed to allow you to keep all the essentials handy and grab your bag and go to the courts.

Design for Play is our mantra. Great design is the product of innovative thinking and creative problem-solving, and our bags embody that philosophy - products that enhance your ability to enjoy sports and physical activity.
The Solution
Lighthouse Sports allows women to show off their unique style without compromising on functionality – on the court and off . Lighthouse Sports bags organize you so you can get on the court faster, focus on your game and play in style.

The bags feature the highest quality materials, include metal pickleball zipper pulls, and have lots of pockets with extra details – like a key leash, a snap closure to secure the handle, insulation for
temperature control and super-soft felt to protect valuables.

The founder, Wendee Lunt, is an avid pickleball player of seven years and a lifelong racket sports player. She has worked in the luxury accessories business for 30+ years - holding senior roles at top global brands including Tumi, Coach, Tiff any and Swarovski. She has connections across the world in sourcing and brand leadership in all categories and wants to use those relationships to improve the product offerings available in pickleball.
The success to date, in direct-to-consumer and wholesale has been phenomenal. And Wendee has plans to build out a lifestyle brand, as she did at Tumi, Coach and global brands.
A Customer Story
“I feel confi dent and ready to play. Funny, but carrying this bag makes me feel a little more confi dent meeting my friends and going onto the court.” --Susan T.
“Fabulous! I could not ask for more functionality! I load up my pickleball backpack, leave it by the front door and I am always ready to go. It's like a sports version of a diaper bag-- remember those days Ladies?”--Arlene
A founder quote
Our company mission is to deliver well-designed products with great functionality to help make pickleball more enjoyable for you, and to grow the sport we love. Our products are a badge of support for the game.
I started playing when people said, “Pickle what? Never heard of it.” It is so exciting to see the passion people have for Pickleball today and I hope to remain an important part of that growth.

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