How Lighthouse Sports Started

Lighthouse Sports came from the idea that there should be bags featuring superior functionality and crafted from the highest quality materials - made to allow you to keep all the essentials handy, and grab your bag and go to the courts. 

Design for Play is our mantra. Great design is the product of innovative thinking and creative problem solving, and our bags embody that philosophy - products that enhance your ability to enjoy sports and activity.

Meet the founder

I am Wendee Lunt, an avid pickleball player for seven years and a lifelong racket sports player. I love pickleball because it is a great way to spend time being active with friends and family. The only thing I have found missing is bags offering great design and unsurpassed functionality.

Having worked for twenty years in marketing and merchandising at luxury brands including Tumi, Coach, and Tiffany & Co., I had a vision of what pickleball bags and accessories should be. So I am working to fill this void. 

Bags are just the start. Next up: Sunglasses, Jewelry, Hats, Socks, and more - all designed the Lighthouse Sports way!

Why the name Lighthouse Sports?

Lighthouses guide ships around danger and stand strong against raging wind and waves. This is how I view myself too - providing support and direction to those I care about, and as a player, battling balls on the court.

The brand colors - blue water and golden sunshine - carry on this theme. 

The product names are all picturesque lighthouses in locations that are special to us - Sankaty in Nantucket, Gasparilla in Florida, and Split Rock in Minnesota.

I hope you find that Lighthouse Sports delivers the functionality and style you deserve on and off the pickleball court!