Serve Wide to the Stack

Stacking has become ubiquitous at the pro level. Most partnerships elect for players to specialize in playing one side of the court. And your left-handed opponents often stack to keep their dominant side on the right. 

When teams stack, there is a pretty simple way to cause chaos - adjust your serve, and place priority on a wide serve rather than a deep serve. This works especially well when they are stuck on an odd number, stuck in a stacked position.

Keep the ball close to the sideline and force the returner to move all the way to their sideline to return the serve. Now you have increased the distance they need to cover in order to be in position to receive your third shot.

If your serve is strong enough, the returning team may elect to abandon the switch and play the point in their less desired alignment.

An example would be a righty and lefty paired together. If you prevent them from making the switch, you have two backhands in the middle. This is a huge advantage, especially at lower levels.

So when they are on an odd number, take advantage of the stack. Place that serve tight on the sideline. Make them work to get into the right position. You might rack up a few easy points.

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