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Top Seed Set - Split Rock Tote, Paddle and Balls

Top Seed Set - Split Rock Tote, Paddle and Balls

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Overwhelmed by your selection of Paddles and Balls? We suggest the Gamma Lindsay Newman Signature HAVOC paddle (MSRP $179) for intermediate-advanced players, a sleeve of 3 Franklin X-40 Outdoor balls ($12), plus the adaptable Split Rock Tote in a hue of your preference, all purchasable at 25% off single prices.



It’s the perfect paddle for players that love to combine utility with power, for players that want to devastate their opponents but leave options for control open.
The Havoc features NeuCore Technology and a 25% thicker large-celled core for that soft and silent yet responsive feel. The textured composite surface provides the raw power that your paddle needs, with consistency, spin, and explosive energy behind every swing. The extended handle size makes two-handed backhands a breeze during your most intense matches. To top it all off, the Havoc features GAMMA’s Signature Honeycomb Grip, which provides the comfort, wicking, and tac that you need to play at your best.
And let’s not forget the paddle’s stunning appearance. It’s sure to give your opponents second thoughts about challenging you. Take your game to the next level today and play like a pro with the Havoc.


Tote: 13.5H x 13W x 5.75D in
Paddle Length: 16-⅜” Paddle Width: 7-⅜” Handle Length: 5-¼” Grip Size: 4-⅛”


Tote is made in durable, water resistant 900D nylon, lined with wipe-clean ripstop nylon

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