How to Improve Your Pickleball Game with Ease!

How to Improve Your Pickleball Game with Ease!

Now that Labor Day is here, we are back with out weekly blog on all things Pickleball. Get out there and Practice, Practice, Practice!

A recent trip out to the court with some Intermediate players reminded me of an easy tip to improve your game: Keep The Ball In Front Of You. Here is why:

  1. Maximize Field of Vision: Having the ball in front of your body allows you to see the entire court, including your partner and opponents. This is essential for making quick decisions and anticipating your opponents' moves.
  2. Maintain Forward Momentum: By keeping the ball in front of you, you're more likely to maintain forward momentum. Pickleball is a dynamic game, and being on the move and in the right position is key to success.
  3. Serving Technique: Starting with the serve, extending your arm a foot or two in front of your body and tossing the ball from there is an excellent technique. It helps create the right distance and positioning for a well-executed serve.
  4. Simplify the Drop Shot: Simplicity is often underrated in sports. A consistent and straightforward drop shot can be incredibly effective. Contacting the ball in front of your body ensures better control and accuracy when executing a drop shot.
  5. No Volley Zone (NVZ) Play: Reaching into the NVZ to attack a ball is a smart move. It allows you to take advantage of better angles and puts pressure on your opponents by reducing their reaction time.

Remember that pickleball is not just about power but also about strategy, positioning, and precision. These tips emphasize the importance of keeping the ball in front of you as a fundamental aspect of play. Incorporating this tip into your skillset can help you become a more effective and successful pickleball player. 

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